what is cool…

There are many things that I consider to be cool…

… cool is when a person isn’t afraid to be different from others;

… cool is when you don’t copy others and you make your own identity;

… cool is when you do your work giving your best to make it perfect;

… cool is when you walk on the street with a smile on your face, because you can never know when someone who is sad might see that smile and become a bit more happier;

… cool is to have the guts to enjoy the rain drops without fearing them;

… cool is to love the moon and to write a song about it so everyone will know how you feel;

… cool is to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve and to do your best to turn your dreams into reality;

… cool is to be honest with yourself and those around you.

Many things are cool… What do you consider to be cool?


One Response to “what is cool…”

  1. cool cool……

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