the love of a ninja

” A girl (YUKI) was being attacked by some bad guys, when she got saved by chance by a ninja. This ninja (KOU) fell in love with her immediately and he felt how his soul was connecting to hers.

As proof of the connection between them, whenever Yuki met trouble (and danger was following her everywhere), destiny seemed to always bring Kou along just in time to save her. During a fight, though, in order to save her life, he got killed. With his last breath, the ninja asked his friends, who were always fighting by his side, to take care of the girl.

Respecting his last wish, the five ninjas continued to protect Yuki and ended up making friends with her. One of them, Kou’s best friend (RYUU), became the girl’s best friend as well, but also fell in love with her.

Meanwhile, she was still getting in trouble a lot, but some kind of strange force seemed to be always with her, protecting her. Eventually, Kou’s soul showed itself to Yuki, revealing the nature of the protecting force that was constantly by her side.

After learning the truth about the dead ninja’s soul being with her, the girl tried to tell the others, but, since he was showing himself only to her, they didn’t believe her words. As time passed and Kou remained by her side, Yuki got used to him and started feeling for him, realizing that she actually fell in love with him from the first time she met him and looked into his eyes; only now she could see and understand the connection between them, a connection he had felt from the very beginning.

At the same time, Ryuu’s feelings for Yuki were becoming stronger and he tried his best to make her feel the same, but she rejected him and, instead, revealed the bond between her and Kou. The girl’s love for his dead friend made Ryuu feel even more hurt and angry and he started to lose his mind, becoming aggressive towards her. That’s when Kou, who was there all along, decided to show himself and explained things to his friend. Being a ninja and knowing about the bond their souls have with their soul mates, Ryuu understood the situation and decided to give up on his love for Yuki, remaining just her best friend.

The girl kept getting into trouble, so the ninjas’ job to protect her was never ending. During a fight, though, Ryuu ended up losing to the enemy, almost being killed by his blade. Seeing the situation her best friend was in, Yuki ran to him, just in time to take the sword’s hit in his place, but died from the wound it caused. The fight ended, but, even with their special abilities, the five ninjas couldn’t save the girl’s life.

Now dead, Yuki’s soul naturally left the body and it saw Kou’s soul, who didn’t show himself at that moment, crying desperately next to her. Though her life had ended, the soul felt peaceful and showed itself to the ninja who gave his life to save his soul mate. Now, because they were the same, the connection between them was even stronger than before and they reunited.

So, Yuki and Kou’s souls decided to show themselves to the five ninjas, revealing the truth. The two thanked them for everything, gave their farewell, left the world of the living and went to rest in peace in a better place… together as one… “



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