the fact

It has already been 5 years since Aly left. There was nothing anyone could do regarding her decision and, even if the three groups were doing fine, they were often thinking of her. All of them were missing her, but Jung Su most of all. He was wondering whether she still had the necklace she gave her; he was thinking of her every day, waiting, hoping that she would return.

Chaos, 911 and Shadows never performed at the same concert before, but they were suddenly asked to do so. It was a huge event, with over 50.000 people expected to attend, special guests and fans.  Little did the three groups suspect that this concert would bring Aly back to them. Even though she never intended to reveal her identity to the boys, she was discovered when Chaos was asked to perform “Fiction” during the concert, a song that they had dedicated to her and refused to sing after she left.

Demanded as a special request from the president of the company that was organizing the event, Jung Hwa, who had sang the song for Aly for the first time, thought it was a bit strange, especially because they never saw the president, nor were they told if it was a man or a woman, and decided to risk and check for himself; so he left the room without notice and just barged into the president’s office. And that’s how Aly was discovered.

At first it was kept a secret by the two, but, in the end, they all found out. And so, their relationship was restored. Even if it was a bit harder for them to go out like they used to because of her different status, this turned out to also be an asset for the boys, as the three groups were under the direct protection of the powerful president.

She was feeling awkward in the beginning, but they all got used to each other quite fast. Jung Su’s hopes came true: Aly returned. But things got complicated when she found out that Chin Hae got married while she was away and her heart started to hurt again.

Still, Jung Su was the only one she couldn’t get out of her mind during the whole 5 years she was apart from them. He certainly had a special place in her heart, but, after seeing Chin Hae, that heart started to beat for him again.

Everything got even more complicated as Jung Su became extremely protective of Aly, making sure Chin Hae would never get the chance to hurt her. Thus, it was inevitable for the overprotective friend to fall even deeper in love with her and for the untouchable young lady to also develop stronger feelings for her protector, making him her only weakness. So, the two began having the same feelings for one another and, even if he knew a long time would pass before Alex’s heart would completely belong to him because of her still remaining memories of Chin Hae, all that Jung Su wanted was to protect the woman he was in love with.

And so, the love triangle was formed again: a man who loved a woman with all his being, another man who loved the same woman, but was never capable of giving her his whole heart and a woman who fell in love with two men.

Ever since Aly returned, Chin Hae’s feelings for her also started to revive and he began trying to slowly win her back, but, in the process, he only managed to hurt her again. By that Jung Su was also hurt. The result was Chin Hae crying by himself in the practice room where Aly first kissed him.

That was the moment when Aly finally had to decide who to give her heart to, Chin Hae or Jung Su…


see the first part of the story here…


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