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It all starts when Aly, a European young girl, is accepted at Kwangwoon University in Seoul, South Korea.  Chin Hae, a famous singer, studying at the same university, ends up being Aly’s student in the English class she teaches, but, unexpectedly, she is the only one who seems to treat him normally and not as a celebrity like the others.

This makes him dislike her at first, but, when she becomes friends with the other members of his group, 911, and also with another famous band, Shadows, things start to change; Aly and Chin Hae, while getting to know each other, start falling in love, even though they refuse to admit it.

But the situation starts getting dangerous when the youngest of Shadows, Jung Hwa, confesses his feelings for Aly and rumors begin to spread through the media. Because of the age difference between the two, they have to find a solution fast, so they decide to find a temporary boyfriend for her; a relationship with Chin Hae would be trouble from the start, him being her student and all, so Dong Yul of 911 takes the job.

While being careful with the rumors and the media, Aly and Chin Hae come to accept their feelings for each other, but are still unable to be together because of certain circumstances. In the meantime, she also meats another group, Chaos, the ones who originally sang her favorite song and they become close.

Having friends like 911, Chaos and Shadows changes Aly’s life, making it much more exciting than she expected; so, among other things, she is given the opportunity to practice dancing once in a while in the rehearsal rooms at the groups’ entertainment company.

One night, while waiting for Chin Hae and the other members of 911, Aly, thinking that no one else is in the building, dances alone in the rehearsal room. But, unfortunately, she gets spotted by Jung Su of Chaos, who decides to analyze her dancing moves quietly from the other side of the door.

Aly and Jung Su start getting closer and closer and, eventually, he kind of becomes her best friend, always being there whenever she needed, protecting her even from Chin Hae, who seems to can’t help but hurt her.

The guys all appreciate Aly for her strong and cool personality, so, when Chin Hae hurts her so bad that she ends up helpless, with a shattered heart, Jung Su decides to accept his feelings and never leave her side. Unfortunately, Aly decides to let go of her feelings for Chin Hae, but, in order to do that she has to get away from her present life and everyone in it.

The night before she was supposed to leave Seoul, everyone at the university holds a special farewell party for her. At one point, Jung Su confesses to her and Aly finds herself between the painful feelings for Chin Hae and her protector’s sincere love declaration…

And, so, the fact begins… What will she do? 


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