Lying smile…

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Yes and no,

Maybe, though,

Start, I’m done,

Came, I’m gone.

Just some words that fill the air…

I’ll be done with them, I swear!

Gone to sleep,

I fight with dreams;

It goes so deep,

Or so it seems,

‘Cause, lost between hell’s clouds,

There lays the darkness of her wounds.

Then comes the ray of icy light

And there begins another fight.

Even the swords are breaking down

And all the words now take a bow…

His figure’s missing from the room.

I close my eyes

To feel the skies,

But all I feel now is doom.

It seems that time is passing me;

I promised I would let him be;

But, still, his memory is flying in my head,

Despite the fact I’m feeling dead.

It’s just like fighting with his eyes,

But he’s not here, my darkness cries,

My feeling dies,

My smile lies…


the fact

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It has already been 5 years since Aly left. There was nothing anyone could do regarding her decision and, even if the three groups were doing fine, they were often thinking of her. All of them were missing her, but Jung Su most of all. He was wondering whether she still had the necklace she gave her; he was thinking of her every day, waiting, hoping that she would return.

Chaos, 911 and Shadows never performed at the same concert before, but they were suddenly asked to do so. It was a huge event, with over 50.000 people expected to attend, special guests and fans.  Little did the three groups suspect that this concert would bring Aly back to them. Even though she never intended to reveal her identity to the boys, she was discovered when Chaos was asked to perform “Fiction” during the concert, a song that they had dedicated to her and refused to sing after she left.

Demanded as a special request from the president of the company that was organizing the event, Jung Hwa, who had sang the song for Aly for the first time, thought it was a bit strange, especially because they never saw the president, nor were they told if it was a man or a woman, and decided to risk and check for himself; so he left the room without notice and just barged into the president’s office. And that’s how Aly was discovered.

At first it was kept a secret by the two, but, in the end, they all found out. And so, their relationship was restored. Even if it was a bit harder for them to go out like they used to because of her different status, this turned out to also be an asset for the boys, as the three groups were under the direct protection of the powerful president.

She was feeling awkward in the beginning, but they all got used to each other quite fast. Jung Su’s hopes came true: Aly returned. But things got complicated when she found out that Chin Hae got married while she was away and her heart started to hurt again.

Still, Jung Su was the only one she couldn’t get out of her mind during the whole 5 years she was apart from them. He certainly had a special place in her heart, but, after seeing Chin Hae, that heart started to beat for him again.

Everything got even more complicated as Jung Su became extremely protective of Aly, making sure Chin Hae would never get the chance to hurt her. Thus, it was inevitable for the overprotective friend to fall even deeper in love with her and for the untouchable young lady to also develop stronger feelings for her protector, making him her only weakness. So, the two began having the same feelings for one another and, even if he knew a long time would pass before Alex’s heart would completely belong to him because of her still remaining memories of Chin Hae, all that Jung Su wanted was to protect the woman he was in love with.

And so, the love triangle was formed again: a man who loved a woman with all his being, another man who loved the same woman, but was never capable of giving her his whole heart and a woman who fell in love with two men.

Ever since Aly returned, Chin Hae’s feelings for her also started to revive and he began trying to slowly win her back, but, in the process, he only managed to hurt her again. By that Jung Su was also hurt. The result was Chin Hae crying by himself in the practice room where Aly first kissed him.

That was the moment when Aly finally had to decide who to give her heart to, Chin Hae or Jung Su…


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It all starts when Aly, a European young girl, is accepted at Kwangwoon University in Seoul, South Korea.  Chin Hae, a famous singer, studying at the same university, ends up being Aly’s student in the English class she teaches, but, unexpectedly, she is the only one who seems to treat him normally and not as a celebrity like the others.

This makes him dislike her at first, but, when she becomes friends with the other members of his group, 911, and also with another famous band, Shadows, things start to change; Aly and Chin Hae, while getting to know each other, start falling in love, even though they refuse to admit it.

But the situation starts getting dangerous when the youngest of Shadows, Jung Hwa, confesses his feelings for Aly and rumors begin to spread through the media. Because of the age difference between the two, they have to find a solution fast, so they decide to find a temporary boyfriend for her; a relationship with Chin Hae would be trouble from the start, him being her student and all, so Dong Yul of 911 takes the job.

While being careful with the rumors and the media, Aly and Chin Hae come to accept their feelings for each other, but are still unable to be together because of certain circumstances. In the meantime, she also meats another group, Chaos, the ones who originally sang her favorite song and they become close.

Having friends like 911, Chaos and Shadows changes Aly’s life, making it much more exciting than she expected; so, among other things, she is given the opportunity to practice dancing once in a while in the rehearsal rooms at the groups’ entertainment company.

One night, while waiting for Chin Hae and the other members of 911, Aly, thinking that no one else is in the building, dances alone in the rehearsal room. But, unfortunately, she gets spotted by Jung Su of Chaos, who decides to analyze her dancing moves quietly from the other side of the door.

Aly and Jung Su start getting closer and closer and, eventually, he kind of becomes her best friend, always being there whenever she needed, protecting her even from Chin Hae, who seems to can’t help but hurt her.

The guys all appreciate Aly for her strong and cool personality, so, when Chin Hae hurts her so bad that she ends up helpless, with a shattered heart, Jung Su decides to accept his feelings and never leave her side. Unfortunately, Aly decides to let go of her feelings for Chin Hae, but, in order to do that she has to get away from her present life and everyone in it.

The night before she was supposed to leave Seoul, everyone at the university holds a special farewell party for her. At one point, Jung Su confesses to her and Aly finds herself between the painful feelings for Chin Hae and her protector’s sincere love declaration…

And, so, the fact begins… What will she do? 


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versuri aruncate…

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Dragostea-i iubire
Si iubirea-i vis…
Sufletu-i o floare,
Daca-i e permis…
Dorul e un gand.
Noi traim, uitand…
Tu esti un mister;
Eu intreb “de ce?”
Si ea nu-i raspuns…


Daca am schimba,
Nu am mai uita,
Dar am incerca
Si ne-am vindeca…
Eu schimb lume-acum,
Si tu o schimbi cand vrei.
Nu-i asa mereu,
N-a fost dintotdeauna,
Caci numai noi alegem
Pe ce drum sa mergem.


Si acel dintotdeauna devine…
Mereu e diferit…


the love of a ninja

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” A girl (YUKI) was being attacked by some bad guys, when she got saved by chance by a ninja. This ninja (KOU) fell in love with her immediately and he felt how his soul was connecting to hers.

As proof of the connection between them, whenever Yuki met trouble (and danger was following her everywhere), destiny seemed to always bring Kou along just in time to save her. During a fight, though, in order to save her life, he got killed. With his last breath, the ninja asked his friends, who were always fighting by his side, to take care of the girl.

Respecting his last wish, the five ninjas continued to protect Yuki and ended up making friends with her. One of them, Kou’s best friend (RYUU), became the girl’s best friend as well, but also fell in love with her.

Meanwhile, she was still getting in trouble a lot, but some kind of strange force seemed to be always with her, protecting her. Eventually, Kou’s soul showed itself to Yuki, revealing the nature of the protecting force that was constantly by her side.

After learning the truth about the dead ninja’s soul being with her, the girl tried to tell the others, but, since he was showing himself only to her, they didn’t believe her words. As time passed and Kou remained by her side, Yuki got used to him and started feeling for him, realizing that she actually fell in love with him from the first time she met him and looked into his eyes; only now she could see and understand the connection between them, a connection he had felt from the very beginning.

At the same time, Ryuu’s feelings for Yuki were becoming stronger and he tried his best to make her feel the same, but she rejected him and, instead, revealed the bond between her and Kou. The girl’s love for his dead friend made Ryuu feel even more hurt and angry and he started to lose his mind, becoming aggressive towards her. That’s when Kou, who was there all along, decided to show himself and explained things to his friend. Being a ninja and knowing about the bond their souls have with their soul mates, Ryuu understood the situation and decided to give up on his love for Yuki, remaining just her best friend.

The girl kept getting into trouble, so the ninjas’ job to protect her was never ending. During a fight, though, Ryuu ended up losing to the enemy, almost being killed by his blade. Seeing the situation her best friend was in, Yuki ran to him, just in time to take the sword’s hit in his place, but died from the wound it caused. The fight ended, but, even with their special abilities, the five ninjas couldn’t save the girl’s life.

Now dead, Yuki’s soul naturally left the body and it saw Kou’s soul, who didn’t show himself at that moment, crying desperately next to her. Though her life had ended, the soul felt peaceful and showed itself to the ninja who gave his life to save his soul mate. Now, because they were the same, the connection between them was even stronger than before and they reunited.

So, Yuki and Kou’s souls decided to show themselves to the five ninjas, revealing the truth. The two thanked them for everything, gave their farewell, left the world of the living and went to rest in peace in a better place… together as one… “


sa vorbim despre manipulare…

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A trecut ceva timp de cand mi-am dorit sa-mi exprim opinia in legatura cu ceva anume, mai ales intr-o maniera asa puternica…

Trebuie sa recunosc, de vreo cateva luni am renuntat sa ma mai uit la televizor, pentru ca, pur si simplu, mi s-a taiat de tot ce mi se baga pe gat, indiferent de postul pe care ma opresc; daca ma uit la stirile de pe canalul X, trebuie sa am o parere buna despre X, daca mut pe canalul Y, trebuie sa fiu anti X si pro Y, deoarece informatiile sunt prezentate de asa natura… Ajung si pe canalul Z, disperata de incercarile fatise de manipulare, iar acolo imi dau seama ca ma prostesc daca nu schimb intr-un interval (indulgent ales) de 5 minute. Asa ca ma decid sa stau putin pe canalul W, macar acolo ar trebui sa vad ceva inocent, eventual educativ, insa descopar o promovare agresiva a unor valori “importante” pentru omenire, precum violenta, rasismul, ipocrizia, superficialitatea s.a.m.d. Rezultatul final al acestei ecuatii cu atatea necunoscute este urmatorul: apas pe butonul rosu de la telecomanda, dau drumul la muzica fara mesaj pe care o am in calculator (macar stiu ca nu incearca sa imi schimbe parerea in legatura cu vreo chestiune importanta), ma intind in pat, inchid ochii si ma gandesc unde sunt acum, unde vreau sa fiu in viitor si cum planuiesc sa ajung acolo.

N-am avut vreodata intentia sa critic ceea ce se intampla cu presa din Romania si am incercat, pe cat posibil, sa nu judec pe cineva pentru ce vad la televizor; am zis ca, pana la urma, si eu tot sange de jurnalist am… Dar incep sa ma intreb ce fel de jurnalisti sunt cei care ne vorbesc despre X si Y si daca eu sunt asa. Am zis, in repetate randuri chiar, ca, daca asta inseamna sa lucrezi in presa, atunci eu nu voi face vreodata asa ceva…

Dar sa revenim, intr-o maniera mai directa, la ideea de manipulare. Dupa N luni de tinut televizorul inchis, din cauza “evenimentelor” politice din ultima vreme, m-am gandit sa suflu praful de pe telecomanda, poate s-o fi schimbat ceva, poate cineva are curajul sa vorbeasca; si am riscat…

Anti X din nou, pro Y din nou… OK, nu sunt de acord cu X si sunt pregatita sufleteste sa fiu de partea lui Y; insa asta NUMAI DACA Y chiar este dispus la o schimbare adevarata. Manipularea de inceput a fost aceeasi pe care o stiam, nimic nou, nimic frumos, nimic urat, nu nervi, nu dezamagire, doar indiferenta (din partea mea, pentru ca restul au interese diverse). Mi-am zis atunci ca sunt gata sa lupt pentru ca tara mea sa o duca mai bine, pentru ca parintii mei sa nu-si mai puna problema ca poate va veni o zi cand nu vor avea ce sa manance, pentru ca prietenii mei sa-si poata gasi un loc de munca si sa nu mai stea pe bara cu diplome de licenta si de masterat in buzunar, in timp ce altii le conduc vietile fara ca macar sa stie sa manevreze in mod corect cuvintele spuse…

Dar, logic, nu pot lupta singura… Y, ajuta-ma sa lupt! Iar Y s-a rupt ajutandu-ma 😉 In schimb mi s-a oferit o bucata de istorie, care ma indemna sa fac asa, care ma indemna sa strig asta… Numele unui om… Nu ma intelegeti gresit, nu am nimic cu respectiva perspectiva politica. De fapt, din punct de vedere doctrinar, nu am inca o parere clara (am mai zis si repet: stiu prea multa politica pentru a-mi permite sa am vreo perspectiva clara in acest sens, legat de doctrine, si mentin aceasta afirmatie).

Adica, sincer acum, tu, Y, vrei sa ma ajuti sa lupt pentru mine, dar ca sa fac asta trebuie, dupa tine, sa strig numele unui om in strada? Pentru ca asta e impresia pe care mi-o lasi… Nu am nimic cu personalitatile politice, fiecare merita respect pentru ceea ce a facut, bine sau rau, pana la urma a ajuns acolo cumva, eu inca n-am ajuns acolo… Dar problemele pe care le am acum, despre ele vreau sa strig in strada, daca se va ajunge la asta, deoarece eu caut rezolvari la respectivele probleme si nu un salvator ca in povesti; pentru ca nu stiu daca nu cumva acel salvator nu este doar un alt X… Imi vorbesti din trecut si despre trecut; respect istoria, nu pretind ca sunt mai presus in vreun fel, dar vorbeste-mi despre prezent cu solutii actuale, credibile; nu ma impinge intr-o lupta pentru ceva din trecut… 

M-am saturat de manipulare! Nu ma influenta sa fac ceva care, pana la urma, nu stiu cum ma va ajuta. Nu incerca sa ma convingi sa lupt pentru ceva in care tu crezi. Demonstreaza-mi ca ai solutii reale pentru prezentul si viitorul meu si nu-mi mai omori neuronii cu documentare istorice si strigate ca acum 50 de ani; eu am 23 de ani, nu 50; nu am trait vremurile acelea si, oricat de mult ti-ai dori ca tinerii sa traiasca cu aceleasi conceptii cu care ai crescut tu, imi pare rau sa te dezamagesc spunandu-ti ca nu va fi niciodata asa, dar chiar nu va fi; cei slabi de inger sunt prea incapatanati sa accepte conceptiile impuse de altii, iar cei pe care ii duce mintea sunt destul de inteligenti/destepti/inspirati sa nu o faca 😉

Asa ca hai sa lasam din nou praful sa se astearna pe telecomanda aruncata intr-un colt al camerei, pentru ca nu se va schimba ceva prea curand, iar eu, sincer, nu cred ca mai sunt dornica sa lupt pentru un popor condus de indivizi care-si doresc numai atingerea propriilor interese (oricare ar fi ele), fara sa tina cont de civilizatie, bun simt, respect, putere bazata pe incredere si adevar. M-am saturat de oameni care vor doar sa ma foloseasca, care vor sa ma hipnotizeze, sa ma transforme intr-unul dintre robotii lor, fara sa le pese ce viata as duce ca robot…

N-oi fi eu un geniu, dar am destui neuroni inca activi in creier incat sa nu imi permit sa inchid ochii si sa strig ce vor altii, orbita de niste promisiuni venite din istorie, care, pentru mine, sunt lipsite de credibilitate… 

X sau Y??? De ce nu X si Y sau nici X, nici Y? Pentru ca, oricum, intr-un final, X = Y… Si aici se opreste momentul meu de impartasire a gandurilor ascunse…

what is cool…

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There are many things that I consider to be cool…

… cool is when a person isn’t afraid to be different from others;

… cool is when you don’t copy others and you make your own identity;

… cool is when you do your work giving your best to make it perfect;

… cool is when you walk on the street with a smile on your face, because you can never know when someone who is sad might see that smile and become a bit more happier;

… cool is to have the guts to enjoy the rain drops without fearing them;

… cool is to love the moon and to write a song about it so everyone will know how you feel;

… cool is to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve and to do your best to turn your dreams into reality;

… cool is to be honest with yourself and those around you.

Many things are cool… What do you consider to be cool?